Other Assistance


Specialized Support Services

The unexpected is worrisome enough but when you find out your Spouse has been in a car accident, or a tree fell on your house, and you are thousands of miles away, with bad guys trying to kill you, worrisome becomes an understatement. These are just a few of the very real circumstances that the Government is unable to respond to in a timely manner.  S3 is there to bridge the gap when the government can’t or won’t help. It could be an experimental treatment, emergency family transport, needed equipment or any number of other things. S3 is there 24/7 to provide our warriors with the safety net they deserve. 




Transition With Meaning provides an avenue for former SOF Operators to use their skills to help fight Transnational Crime and to help to stabilize the very villages and towns they fought to free. For many SOF Operators the desire to serve their country and others does not end on the day they turn in their uniforms. While many programs exist to transition Operators to traditional civilian jobs the simple fact of the matter is “traditional” does not work for everyone. Transition With Meaning provides that alternative while offering new purpose, brotherhood, and a strong sense of identity.